Friday, January 20, 2012

Rough Timeline

This timeline should cover most all of the stuff we talked about during our meeting on Wednesday, as well as a variety of new bullshit that came to me as I typed it all up. Feel free to edit/change/add to this as you like.

15,000 years ago
  • Elves first come to Swordfish Island
  • The Temple of Wyst and Dryad Grove were already there
  • The Great City is founded
  • Work begins on the Spire of the Sun

14,000 years ago
  • Spire of the Sun has been shining for 750 years
  • Work begins on the Northern and Southern Lighthouse
  • War breaks out with indigenous inhabitants and concludes 5 years later.  Elves victorious
  • The Military City and Laketown are founded

13,000 years ago
  • The southern volcano erupts, destroying Laketown
  • Laketown is rebuilt and work begins on a giant magical colossus imbued with the power to protect the city from the volcano, should it erupt again

12,000 years ago
  • The elven oracle "Alastaria" inhales fumes that emanate from vents on the slopes of the northern volcano.
    • Foretells a great cataclysm
    • Discovers a magical wonder nectar "Sipopa"
    • Believes the powers it imbues upon use are the only thing that can save them
    • Sipopa nectar cult founded
  • Hot Springs resort town is built at the base of the northern volcano
  • More war with the indigenous inhabitants

11,000 years ago
  • Clerics of Wyst attempt to destroy all nectar plants and producers of Sipopa
  • Temple sacked and defiled by tweaking elves
  • Elven civilization descends into a decadent spiral of self destruction

 5,000 years ago
  • Cataclysm
  • The Swordfish Island becomes the Swordfish Islands
  • Elven population decimated
  • Survivors take refuge on the two islands that contain the remnants of the great city
  • Laketown colossus survives, but town destroyed
  • Northern and Southern Lighthouses survive and continue to shine
  • Temple of Wyst and Dryad Grove sink beneath the waves in some sort of protective bubble
  • Survivors become even more reliant upon Sipopa
  • Attack any "non-monsterous" humanoids on sight

3,500 years ago
  • Blue and Green lizard men arrive
  • Settle on island with the Northern Lighthouse
  • Worship and protect the lighthouses for unknown reasons
  • Have a civil war with each other
  • Greens keep Northern light house
  • Blues keep Southern light house
  • A clan of ogres settle the northern volcanic island

1,500 years ago
  • An Efreeti Prince discovers a portal between the Plane of Fire and the bowels of the northern volcano
  • Efreet decides to stay and set up shop due to the abundance of some sort of mineral that's rare back home in the City of Brass
  • Brings Flame Giants, Salamanders, and obsidian elementals in to extract the goods
  • Attempts to enslave ogres (unsuccessful)
  • Elves that still remain on the Swordfish Isles are almost feral from their constant consumption of Sipopa

50 years ago
  • Tyr, having an army of elven men, and no women, comes to the Swordfish Isles in search of females
  • Kills all the male elves on the islands, runs off with all the women

25 years ago
  • Some crazy fucking illusionist hermit sets up shop on one of the small islands
  • Discovers the recipe for Sipopa
  • Plans to get rich by shipping it all to Kenwood/Riven/Crossroads
  • Drinks too much to be as successful at his endeavor as he wants
  • He is also being harassed by creatures from the deep.  Likely due to his proximity to the Temple of Wyst

5 years ago
  • Pirates set up a safe haven for themselves on the island with the southern volcano

2 years ago
  • Pirate captain Jeremy Rand discovers the Serpent Stair in the dead volcano on the southern island
  • Discovers phat l3wts including Fazool's decanter of endless water... and beer
  • Decides to retire and become a respectable gentleman
  • Begins laying the framework to set up a small town on this island

1 year ago
  • Town of [SOMETHING] is beginning to take shape
  • Contains so far:
    • Docks
    • Tiny warehouse (larger one planned)
    • A Tavern (The Virgin Berth)
    • A "brewery"
    • A smattering of small beach front cottages for Jeremy's ex-crew
    • A new "Adventurers Guild"

6 months ago
  • The players heard about the new adventurer's guild and the phat l3wts coming from the Swordfish Islands and decided to join up and check it out.


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