Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Session Notes - 03/14/12

Philosophy discussed:

All items that could be a good idea should be documented.  the more material we have at the end the better, we can redpen whatever we need to in editting.

not a campaign setting but a general setting, adventure setting, campaign builder, general template sort of gig.  keep it open.

details -

box -

player book
-in game knowledge
-map of town
-items of legends
-jobs to pull to island
-rumors of island
-all above based by race

resource for town - not how to get here
guild members, job postings (no details)
island shops & NPC (no details)

DM book

plot elements, hooks, npc details, monsters of

map book
random table screen

11 chapters
1 per island

plot / circumstances section

old island chapter

DM book intro
-telling of a story from someone in the temple during the final raid of sipopa addicts and the tearing apart of the island.  narrated by who?

evans must do's----

plot line surrounding the eyes.

40 years ago a pirate came to the islands lookin for a treasure that was being shown to him by a set of magical eyes.

the pirate who has them
the treasure it was leading too
how they work
the path the pirate took to get to the temple
details about the island where he took slaves and commisioned boats
rumor of him in the lizard culture
how he navigated the sunken temple to get to the chamber.
what is the creature at the end of the line? Quatle
how does the containment via shadows work?
chimes open doors, lizard cheiftan (green) has the temple door chime.

dryads hold the silly glowing town and can tell the story about the fall of the temple and the creature of good inside.  the sister is crazy - death or cure? (gardener built of all three dryads powers and unique to all three so 2 never see its bad side as the sister goes crazy)

the mermen help the dryads and live happily w/ new ruins to live in.  they mostly avoid the sipopa but a small branch of them use it, like a drug, the ere is a group of them attacking the drug makers stuff because they are very opposed to sipopa and driven by a distorted cult like devotion to the quatle.  mermen view sipopa as taboo but not a hazard as its effects are mitigated in the mermen physiology.  this is why only 1 band of mermen attack the grower.

grower is drunk all the time and not profitable he wants adventurers to help him stop the attacks on his gear.


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