Thursday, April 19, 2012

Riffing - NPCs

We had a phenomenally successful brainstorming/riffing session today and have now fleshed out the back stories of "all" the major players that inhabit Swordfish Bay. I really can't wait to get everything moved from a bulleted format to "prose".
To sample 6 NPCs, hit the jump

  • Captain Jeremy Rand [Chaotic Good, "Opportunist", 38] - Founder of SFB. Leader of the Adventurer's Guild. He keeps all the personalities in check. Ex-Pirate. Has set up SFB as a place where he can retire in peace, wealth and comfort. Brewmaster for the island. Makes one hell of a lager which he exports to the mainland through the Martel Trading Co.
  • Stonejaw [Lawful Evil, "Loyal", 33] - Rand's muscle/bodyguard. Always with Rand. Mild tempered. Doesn't say anything. Rarely addressed. Almost has a way of making himself disappear which is amazing due to his size. Loyal. Doesn't kill for fun. Doesn't torture. Kills only take as long as they need to.
  • Buddy French [Chaotic Neutral, "Collateral Damage Happens" 44 (looks younger)] - Rand's 1st mate. Owner of the whorehouse/tavern. Cheats at cards so other people win. Picks Pockets. Absolutely, positively, no ego. Can (and has) sacrifice anything (dignity, body, lives) to get what he needs. Everyone loves him 'cause he always commandeers situations, never spotlight. "Old New Yorker that's retiring to Boca Raton"
  • Miranda [Chaotic Neutral, "Most Decadent Woman on the Planet", 34] - Her father was an admiral. Tried to marry her off when she was 16. She delayed, and ended up destroying the reputation of the family of her betrothed in order to escape the marriage. At 19 she stole her dowry, and blew all the money over the course of three years. Spent "the GDP of a small kingdom" in these three years. Learned enough about various wealthy families to acquire lines of credit in their name. Exposed at least 3 dozen flaws in the banking systems. A law limiting withdrawals called the "Miranda Law" was established in a number of kingdoms. "It will take a team of gnomes five years to figure out everything she owes by the time it's all over". She once conned Buddy French out of one of Rand's ships.
  • Matthias Mayford [Lawful Neutral, "Pursuit of Knowledge", 53] - Ex-Navigator. Not cocky, but very sure of himself. By the age of 18 was a master scholar of an ancient civilization. Wrote a number of treatises on ancient agriculture. Proved to himself that he was superior to the masters at his school and left. Fell in with a group of "Rogue Scholars" "Archaeologists". Travels with them for years. Matthias knows the locations of ruins, can read the languages, circumvent the traps, is doing all this "for science". The people he's with are just thieves. They become rich off the loot, always give Matthias a cut, tell him they're sending the items off to a museum. Matthias eventually discovers the deception and is devastated. Is eventually pulled from his depression by a female goblin, Zilbee. Goes on to become a navigator for a pirate to hopefully use those connections to track down the thieves (and the irreplaceable historical artifacts). Loves puzzles. Loves the sea and being a navigator because the sea, tide and currents are like a great ever changing puzzle.
  • Belly McBride [Neutral Good, "Stoic", 26] - The cook. Despite the name Belly is exceptionally skinny. If there is life and he can get fire he'll find a way to make enough food to get you your daily caloric intake no matter what. Is able to make anything delicious. Uses the strangest ingredients and never tells anyone what they are 'cause if most people found out what they were actually eating (even if they were loving it for its deliciousness) they'd freak the fuck out. Will not make or touch anything containing Gluten.


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