Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Brainstorming moved to OneNote. Content moved to blog.

Originally this blog was supposed to be a neutral area where we could upload and reference our ideas for Swordfish Islands. As things progressed we decided that Microsoft OneNote fit this purpose better, and the blog has lapsed.

But no longer!

Beginning this Thursday (06-14-12) we'll be uploading content on the following schedule:

Telecanter Thursdays

We'll be posting three totally unbalanced magical items based on Telecanter's epic table of "Spell Like Effects" every Thursday.

4chan Fridays

Each Friday we'll post a gaming related story from 4chan's /tg/ board. Sure it's just copypasta, but now you can enjoy the flavor without needing to wade through the muck!

Wintergreen's Weekend Retreat Saturdays

Each Saturday our very own Wintergreen will post a system neutral, hideout, lair, clearing, or other small area you can just drop into your campaign as a new place for your party to find or explore.

Scenic Sundays

Looking for some inspiration? We'll be posting three desktop wallpapers, plucked from the bowels of the internets, to help give you a +2 vs campaign writers block.

The Diviner's New Guild Mondays

Every Monday our very own Diviner will post a system neutral guild/group you can just drop into your campaign. Need a ready made thieves guild? Want to add some structure to that group of merchants that keep getting their caravans robbed in your world? Need a quick hierarchy for your group of blind demonhunting monks? Our Diviner probably has you covered.


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