Thursday, June 14, 2012

Telecanter Thursdays

All items listed below were dreamed up using Telecanter's Epic Table of Spell Like Effects.

The Gaudy Glove of Luther Fox - 001

AOE - Attack, Attack, Attack - 70 - 1 day - Delude - Metal
Photo: Michal Maňas
The Gaudy Glove of Luther Fox is made of bright purple crushed velvet, covered in a myriad of tiny reflective disks (sequins), and cinches tightly at the wrist. Across the top of the knuckles are three large red gems that the wearer can fire 70 feet as a normal projectile. When the fired gem hits an object it generates a sphere of magnetic magic 70 inches in diameter that lasts for 24 hours. Each gem has a different effect:
  1. All metal in the sphere and each piece that enters is randomly polarized to attract and repel
  2. All metal that enters the sphere is polarized in such a way that it will be forcefully attracted to every other piece of metal in the sphere
  3. All metal that enters the sphere is polarized in such a way that it will be forcefully repelled from every other piece of metal in the sphere
The gems are consumed on use and can only be replaced by red gems of at least 1000gp in value. When a new gem is added to the glove it takes 24 hours to charge before it can be fired. Whenever a fired gem strikes an object and activates a loud "BWAAAAAH" noise is made.

Hooray pseudo-science!

The Bronze Guardian - 002

AOE - Attack - Sight - Permanent - Divine - Space/Dimension
Photo: Steve Linster
A 10' tall bronze statue of a cloaked, seated figure rests in a T intersection at the end of a long hallway. As creatures walk down the hallway towards the statue its head slowly begins to rise and two points of light appear where eyes would be in the dark recesses of the hood.

Should the head lift fully and the eyes reach full brightness (approximately half way down the hall), any extra-planer creatures within its field of vision are immediately transported back to their home plane.

Each step taken towards the statue causes the head to lift slightly. If approaching creatures stop moving, the head stops. If they walk away/backwards, the head lowers.

Plato's Darling Disguise Kit - 003

AOE - Utility - 50 - 1-6 hours - Evoke - Monster
Photo: Agaric House Antiques
This ornate leather and brass box is a must have for lady adventurers on the go!

Once per day, if a female opens the box and speaks the power word, 4d6 small oozing creatures, wearing bows, manifest and await her orders. The creatures appear to be made of some sort of lotion and are constantly dripping and rubbing themselves to maintain their vaguely humanoid forms. No residue ever seems to actually drip off them however.

These creatures can create and use any type of mundane/sterile/non-toxic mud, paint, or powdered mineral blend to disguise or change the appearance of any mundane object or creature as directed by the user.

The creatures are able to move within 50' of the box, but if the box is closed or moved they vanish instantly. The creatures last for 1d6 hours and work tirelessly. They could completely change the appearance of a stolen carriage and six horses in ~2 hours. Disguises created by these creatures are done with the same level of proficiency as the master of a powerful thieves guild.


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