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Nargad's Hideout

First foremost I use for the maps. I may rotate w/ them in paint but nothing fancy.  All that I add is the content and if you want donjon will do that for you too.  Bottom line donjon is dope, check it out and use it!

Howdy, I'm Wintergreen and Pandesmos puts a gun to my head every week to get you some RPG resources.  I will focus on small dungeons, lairs, camps, etc.  Nothing that will take games to plow through,  hopefully something that can be used on numerous levels and above all else please CHANGE ANYTHING you want, after all it is your game. I wont be specifying any systems or stats and may do a highwayman's camps one week then a space station the next, no promises.  


Nargad's Hideout
  • Random Seed: 1339101483
  • Layout: Cavernous
  • Size: Tiny

  • One square is 10'x10'
  • The cavern was dug out of a hill and through numerous large boulders
  • Most rooms are little more than dirt, stones and roots, but a few areas were sloppily hewn through boulders too large to move or dig around
  • In weaker areas, wooden beams or crude stone walls help hold the ceilings

Thirty years ago the Yellow Tooth goblin clan dug out a home in the stony hills overlooking the Western Trade Way. The nearby townsfolk, weary of goblin raids, enlisted the aid of a paladin and his adventurer friends to clean out the caves and end the attacks for good. The clan was annihilated and the adventurers were planning to collapse the cave until their paladin leader (who the locals now call Softy McSquish) saw the big teary eyes of 25 recently orphaned goblin children. Praying profusely, the paladin led his group back to town and declared the goblin threat at an end.

Unfortunately for the townsfolk, the Yellow Tooth clan prevented the incursion of the Venomous Raiders led by the Hobgoblin, Nargad. Nargad, lacking a susceptibility to moral dilemmas, quickly realized that the only thing between his gang and a spacious hideout in prime territory was a group of starving orphans. Small goblin skull shoulder guards now signify ranking members of the Venomous Raiders, and the Western Trade Way has never before seen such a high frequency of attacks.

Nargad and the Venomous Raiders have taken to sparing most merchants on the Trade Way, preferring taxes over death, and Nagrad's Hideout has slowly become a strange mix of road raiding bandit's den, black market, and haven for the unsavory.

The entrance is 3' wide, 8' tall, and tucked into the hillside. A large oak tree and boulder hide the entrance well and make it hard to find if not actively seeking it.
Once inside the ground, mostly smooth hard packed dirt, slopes downward sharply for 15 feet before entering an antechamber of sorts.  This and all other rooms/areas are lit with torches every few feet.  
The antechamber is made from dirt, crude stonework and wooden beams.  1 - 3 of Nargad's henchmen guard 3 large levers stuck into the western wall and direct newcomers to the Pay Room.   The levers can drop enough rocks and debris to obliterate the first 40' of the entrance.

A surprisingly polite hobgoblin with a claymore strapped to his back sits at a stool collecting the entrance fee to the hideout (10gp per head per day). The room is made of stone and appears quite sturdy. Mismatched cabinets, drawers and chests line the walls covered in an assortment of random weapons, bottles, & other every day outlaw items.

Inhabitants: (1d4) henchmen, (1d3) guests and The Accountant
Three pathways cut through this area and the ground here is smooth packed dirt. A filthy purple curtain covers part of the northwestern wall and it seems to be the source of a faint, foul smell. A rack of mostly a dozen mismatched spears and polearms stands on the southern wall.  (1d6+10)

Close inspection of this area would reveal numerous past combats. 
Two long, faded red tables, littered with one handed weapons and shields make a rough choke point on this area. Rows of mismatched armor line the walls, and two dingy yellow tables covered in tarps sit against the back wall.
A small anvil and forge, worked by a disgruntled half-orc, sit against the southern wall. Numerous ventilation holes have been bored into the crude stone work of this wall, and it's stability is quite suspect.
The half-orc can mend damaged equipment (poorly). He's also responsible for selling the armor and weapons on the red tables, or passing it out in times of defense.

Inhabitants: (1d10) + the half-orc
Any dwarf making it this far into the Hideout will weep at the crimes against construction that occur in the hallway leading to the Bunkroom. Stone, dirt, and tangles of roots point towards imminent collapse. The Bunkroom itself however was cut from 2 large boulders.
Sixteen three man bunks fill the room and a large three drawer dresser sits at the foot of each one. Some of the beds match & some of the dressers match but none of the beds match the dressers. Guests can sleep here as long as they can afford the daily fee, some staying months on end. 
A large wooden lever on the southern wall can supposedly collapse the hallway leading to the Bunkroom.

Inhabitants: (3d12+2)
Any bandit with bullshit information or legitimately stolen goods can set up shop in this small black market. Most of the vendors are temporary and supply is rarely based on demand, but some of the regulars, like the local historian, actually live in the Bunkroom and can sell very helpful information (e.g., good marks, secret ways into a nearby walled city).

Inhabitants: 1d12 vendors and 1d12 buyers/talkers
A lizardman lacking taste buds over sees the small cooking and eating area. He can make a meal out of anything though and the free pot of slop isn't actually that terrible. Regulars always bring their own bowls as anyone that ever leaves with a bowl disappears a short while later, and the slop is always especially delicious the next day. All non-slop food items cost triple their normal price.
Poisons, passage, henchmen, forgeries and the most specialized and unsavory goods can be found at these tables. Each table is given a good sized area for privacy, and are rented directly from Nargad for a premium, as his henchmen will actually help these vendors when disputes arise

Inhabitants: 1d4  vendors, 1d6 milling customers in the pro black market
A minimum of 10 henchmen are around at all times to keep the peace and collect Nargad's fees.  They are paid poorly but free room and board coupled with the right to be as dirty as they want with the guests keeps them happy. Each henchman has his own bunk area here but there is little privacy.  The henchmen are fiercely protective, and if you come through here with  anything but whores, you're gonna have a bad time.
A large circular bed of thick furs and blankets takes up much of this area. Crates, chests and cabinets spill their contents along the western wall, and along the northern wall is a desk, cabinet and a large, very obviously, locked chest.
A small alcove hidden behind a rock conceals a small satchel of Nargad's most valuable items. Curiously, the satchel holds much more than it seems it can. 

A small tunnel leading to a safe area outside the hideout is hidden behind a rock. Only Nargad knows of it.
This is the shitter.  A wizard that couldn't pay his tab added a 4' wide, 85' deep hole to make amends for his lack of coin. The business bench is well worn and not very sturdy.
A narrow pathway behind an alarmed secret door leads to a winding corridor that all the henchmen and guests will lead to a place of safety outside the hideout. It dead ends after 300 yards.



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