Thursday, July 5, 2012

Telecanter Thursdays

Every week we dream up three magic items using Telecanter's Epic Table of Spell Like Effects.

You can see past weeks here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3

Maximilian's Top - 010

Wielder - Utility - 70 - Instant - Dispel/Disappear - Air
Attribution: Garage Wood Shop
This top appears to be made of ebony with stripes of gold inlay. Pushing down the handle of the top will cause it to spin rapidly in place for approximately 30 seconds.

When Maximilian's Top stops spinning, all air within a 70' radius is instantly sucked into the top. This effect can be used once per day.

Some scholars doubt that the top is actually made of something as plain as ebony and gold because no matter how horrific the implosion caused by the immediate evacuation of air from the room, the top always appears to be in pristine condition.

Pria's Crystal Earrings - 011

Touch - Defense - 10 - 1 hour - Animate - Water
Attribution: Kolstrom Kreations
During the Fire Kingdom's third, and most terrible, invasion of Rilio (Land of the Sparkling Pools) in the year 734 B.A., a mysterious stranger came before the Arch-Duchess Pria bearing a small gift of crystal earrings.

No one in the court had seen this man before, and none have seen him since, but he is attributed with turning the tide of war, and saving their lands from destruction. Pria was initially shocked that this man would waste her time with trinkets, when the fate of Rilio hung so precariously, but the beauty of the flashing blue crystals on platinum hooks could not be denied, and once the man showed her their power she knew that her people would forever be in his debt.

If the earrings are thrown into water (of any volume), they cause the water to animate and form two swan shaped water guardians. These guardians will defend the owner of the earrings for one full hour, soaking up incoming damage and actively fighting any fires within 10 feet. This power can be used up to four times per day.

The Fire Kingdom's hordes were pushed back, and Pria secured victory for her people at last. Joy turned to wonder though when on the first night of a full moon following the Fire Kingdom's defeat, Arch-Duchess Pria disappeared. The earrings, along with a complete plan of succession, and a single white swan feather, was found in her bed chamber the next morning. The Arch-Duchess was never seen again, but some of the scullery maids claim they saw two swans fly across the moon that night.

The Creator's Gloves - 012

Area Effect - Utility - 70 - 1 turns - Divine - Earth
Attribution: Samuel Lee
No one knows where The Creator's Gauntlets came from originally, but it is said that anyone wearing them will suddenly feel as old as the stars.

Should the wearer of these gauntlets punch the ground, golden light will stream through the terrain for 70' feet. The wearer of the gauntlets will then be able to use his mind to shape the earth into any form he desires.

The user should be careful though as any use of these gauntlets, regardless of the intent or results, will attract the attention of 1d4+2 gods or demi-gods.


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