Monday, August 6, 2012

Stonejaw and Excuses

Stonejaw here doesn't like excuses, and for the 5-10 of you that check out this blog from time to time, I'm sure you don't like them either!

So here's an update: Due to the place where Wintergreen and I work full-time, we needed to submit the Swordfish Islands to a special group to get approval to work on it in our spare time. The world of content is exciting like that. We were expecting it to take ~2 weeks to get a yes or a no from the Brass, but we got approved to develop the project after waiting for only two days. We were quite excited.

The good news - SFI is going to fill our lives almost every minute we're not at work.

The bad news - The girlfriends tend to not like sharing free time with monsters, jungles, and chains of islands (only if they're imaginary mind you, each of them would be ready at a moments notice to head to any tropical destination on this planet, monsters be damned).

What that means - Regularly scheduled blog posts are going to be a thing of the past. Our ~5 week run of churning out fun stuff each week was great practice for what we're working on right now, but now, instead of making a random free floating guild, we need to focus on Jeremy Rand's guild and the Martel Company. Instead of creating a single random dungeon each week, we've got to work out how to best rattle off at least a hundred small dens/dugouts.

We're going to continue posting art as Safari creates it, but blog specific writing will probably remain sketchy for the next few months.

TL:DR - Things are awesome, but because they're awesome, blog content will probably be infrequent, but hopefully worth the wait. :D


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