Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hot Springs - Hieroglyphics Testing v1.0

The first presentable draft of an island's hex key has been completed, and we're going to start wrangling up testers here soon but here's a list of what we're still working on:

  1. Make our hex travel and exploration rules 100% system neutral fit on one page.
  2. Plant Descriptions. We reference many of the plants of the Swordfish Islands in passing as part of our hex descriptions. While "Snapping Grass", "Flint Moss" and "Spider Bushes" sounds pretty good on their own I think, but a solid "flora" reference should prove helpful for ensuring consistent mental imagery.
  3. Maps. Some people have expressed interest in "going into" the cave entrances they find in some of these hexes. I have no idea why "a rough hole, 10' wide and 10' tall, cut into the lower slopes of the volcano" isn't interesting enough all by itself.
  4. Random Encounter Tables. We made great strides in this regard last Wednesday and were able to settle on a pretty solid format for them, but we didn't quite get them all filled out. More posts will be arriving on the blog in the coming days about these as we decided to use 3d6 for our random tables instead of a 1d20 as (we think) by making encounters slightly less random they will facilitate better story-telling opportunities.
  5. A Feedback System. What kind of data do we want from the people that try out Hot Springs Island? What's going to be meaningful? How can we write those questions with the least amount of bias? And how do we want to receive and parse that data?!

Svarku the Efreet is certain you'll love it.


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