Thursday, November 29, 2012


The Bone-Back Wydarr by Safari512
Safari drew up this cuddly looking critter before coming on board with the Swordfish Islands. He had it buried in a pile of more traditional amazingness (mummies, werewolves etc). and as soon as Wintergreen, The Diviner and I saw it, we knew this tiny abomination needed a home on the islands. Safari said he'd just been fucking around while sketching it up and hadn't really had any plans or thoughts as to how it "worked", so we brainstormed up a few things.

We figure that the Wydarr are diggers. The bone-like hooks it has for forelimbs grow continually, much like a hamster's teeth, so as a hamster needs to chew continually, a Wydarr needs to dig. They eat anything, are roughly the size of a two drawer filing cabinet, and tend to travel in packs of either 1d4 or 1d6. There's also a Crystalback variant with metallic plates or bands in place of fur, and crystal spikes in place of bone, sketch is done, but not yet scanned!


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