Monday, December 17, 2012

Bitter Frost - Indie Metal Monday

Bitter Frost

I'm a symphonic power metal kind of guy. I like to fly with the angels more than run from the demons when I'm destroying my ear drums, but if I can find more albums like Bitter Frost I may end up switching sides. It may just be that I have a crush on it because I'd originally found it by searching for "black metal opera" (it was one of those nights), and it gripped me from the get go.

On the one hand this has provided some great inspiration, but on the other hand it makes me want to add snow and ice to everything which doesn't quite work for the Swordfish Islands. We'll make it north eventually.

Now, to put this album to the proper test:
1. Imagine a race of humans enslaved by demons under the frozen northern mountains
2. Choose a singular power/varriant/type for the demons (acid, sludge, ooze, fire, magma, ice, spikes, thorns, hooks, chains, etc)
3. Choose a singular bestial feature (horns, claws, beaks, hooves, powerful arms, tails, spots)
4. Listen to the track "Signs that Point to Nowhere" (#7)

By the end of the track, and with these things in mind, I believe that you'll have a killer mythos for your setting. Appendix N is awesome, and should never be forgotten, but don't forget music as an inspiration every now and then too.


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