Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dart Frogs of the Swordfish Islands

Bastimentos color morph of Dendrobates pumilio from Wikipedia
Poison Dart Frogs have always had a special place in my heart. Most are about the size of your thumbnail, and a spec of poison off their back the size of a grain of sand can, reportedly, kill a human. I decided early on that the Swordfish Islands needed these tiny little guys hopping about the islands but it wasn't 'till quite recently that we decided what their poisons would do.

As we learned with the Princess Bride, "to the death" is quite droll, and "to the pain" is where it's at. Poison Dart Frogs on the Swordfish Islands come in 8 different colors (the better to randomize into our encounter tables) and each color frog produces a poison unique to that of his cousins.

Red - Blood Thinner - Ingested - Blood stops coagulating and you bleed out, also become prone to bloody noses etc

Blue - Suffocation - Ingested/Inhaled - Causes your lungs to fill with fluid and you die from suffocation

Green - Fungal Rot - Contact - Spores cause rapidly growing fungus that eats your body

Yellow - Suggestion - Contact - Enter a stupor and highly susceptible to suggestion during that time

Orange - Uncontrollable Vomiting - Ingested

White - Deafness and Blindness - Ingested - You hear and see static

Violet - 3rd person mode, no clipping - Contact - Gives you an out of body experience where you see yourself in 3rd person. Numbs pain and sensitivity to a large extent too. Astrally project, but stay linked within 5-10 feet of your body. The violet frogs look like they're covered in tiny stars. Drug itself provides a shock to your system, body is high as fuck while this is occurring and functioning at a peak level.

Black - Forgetfulness - Contact - Lose a % of memory by dose - Like Amnesia


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