Saturday, January 26, 2013

Constrictor Vine - Plants of Hot Springs Island

Instead of growing up to seek light, the Constrictor Vine spreads out across the ground as a thick mat of small, glossy leaves. The plant blooms occasionally with unremarkable clusters of small green flowers that give way to oblong yellow berries favored by birds and small animals. While the leaf mat of the Constrictor Vine rarely reaches more than 10' in diameter its root system can stretch as far as 50'. The fibrous roots of a Constrictor Vine resemble the pale hair of a drowned woman, are incredibly strong, and retain much of this strength even after being harvested and dried. As the roots grow, they wrap themselves around rocks, root systems, and anything else in their path. When the roots reach ~30' to ~50' they begin to slowly, yet inexorably constrict back towards the core of the plant. This constriction has been known to topple whole trees and move many ton boulders.


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