Monday, January 7, 2013

Mendel - Indie Metal Monday

What is it about those Scandinavian countries? Do Valkyries sing wordless songs up in Valhalla that drift down on the auroras and into the minds of songwriters in these areas? Or is everyone that lives up there actually part troll and hands that large must be ruthless and fast?

Mendel Bij de Leij is making some pretty damn glorious solo progressive instrumental neo-classical metal up in die Niederlands, when he's not busy thrashing his guitar for Aborted, and I suspect divine involvement.

Shores, Pandora, Releasing Butterflies, Sumerian Sun are mindblowingly excellent and maybe I'm projecting, but they pair phenomenally well with the though of adventurers fleeing through crystal choked mines beneath the volcanoes of Hot Springs Island.

Need some inspiration? Put your headphones on.


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