Monday, January 21, 2013

Metmass - Indie Metal Monday

Metmass - Isolation
Happy holiday to my US readers. Hope you got the day off and have plenty of time to chill out and work on (or play) your game today! Today's Indie Metal Monday post features the album Isolation by Metmass (Grzegorz Sokólski) of Gdańsk, Poland. He classifies it as minimalistic abstract ambient space metal and I couldn't agree more. It's mellow, it's chill, it's expansive, and it's a good reminder to look up more often.

My favorite tracks are Andromeda: Voyage and Andromeda: Spring Night Sky. If you're working on a blasted planet type setting, or playing around with aboleths in space ships, give this album a listen for a dose of fresh inspiration.


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