Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Redgold's Feathers - Plants of Hot Springs Island

Happy 100th post!

We've created approximately 50 plants that are unique to the Swordfish Islands, twenty-five of which can be found on Hot Springs Island. Assuming I've figured out Blogger's post schedule setting correctly, for the next 25 days we'll be posting a plant's description and black and white sketch.

First up: Redgold's Feathers

Redgold's Feathers grow as small, tight clusters of burnished, coppery colored, feather shaped fronds near areas of thermal activity. The plant is impervious to heat, and some claim to have even seen it undergo instantaneous growth when exposed to direct flame. If the leaves of this plant are broken or crushed they give off an acerbic odor potent enough to wake a person from unconsciousness (even magical) or immediately recover from being dazed or disoriented. If the feathers are crushed and combined with sulphur and the essence of a naturally fiery creature, an alchemist can create a non-toxic mixture that will glow a bright orange for 36-48 hours (even after being consumed and digested).


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