Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Snapping Grass - Plants of Hot Springs Island

Snapping Grass grows as a clump, or tuft of dark green, dagger shaped leaves, 4" to 6" tall. Six to twelve stalks, each 8" to 10" high grow from the center of this cluster. A pair of hinged, shovel shaped, bright fuchsia leaves, rimmed in spikes sit at the top of each stalk. These stalks sway constantly, as if moved by a gentle breeze. It is unclear how exactly Snapping Grass hunts, but the moving stalks are able to bend, lunge and snap up small creatures with exceptional accuracy. While this plant subsists almost entirely on a diet of small vermin and birds, some adventurers have reported that some clumps of Snapping Grass will lunge and shiny or sparkling objects like rings and gems.


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