Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tickleweed - Plants of Hot Springs Island

Although Tickleweed grows as a thick, grass-like carpet of cylindrical dark green leaf-blades, 3"-4" in length, unlike normal grasses, Tickleweed prefers to grow on nearly vertical surfaces and will even thrive in dark places, assuming there is ample moisture. The cylindrical leaf-blades are highly sensitive to even the most subtle shifts in ambient temperature so they move and shift continually. Tickleweed stretches towards increases in temperature and away from decreases. Each leaf moves independently causing the plants to appear to ripple and shiver with waves. Even the simple act of walking past a patch of Tickleweed will trigger a flurry of movement. Tickleweed blooms seldomly with circular flowers of red or white with a central black "eye". The flowers are prized by alchemists as they amplify concoctions related to detection, reaction, and rapid, fluid movement.


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