Monday, January 7, 2013

Wallpapers - The Imps of Hot Springs Island

In recent years Hot Springs Island has inadvertently become one of the fiercest fronts in the eternal conflict between Fire and Water. The island had always been a place of exceptional elemental activity due to its abundant natural resources, large pristine aquifers, and the direct connection its gigantic magma chambers have to the very core of the world. Elementals of all types are unable to resist the allure of the constant turmoil caused by the growth of this volcanic island out of the sea, particularly elementals of a more... impish variety.

Here are three quick desktop wallpapers [1920x1200] showing off our Fire Imps, Magma Imps and Steam Imps. When designing these guys we tried to capture the flavor of each type of imp in 2-4 words. Fire Imps = Fight Club. Magma Imps = Pit Crew. Steam Imps = Obsessive Gamblers. Hope you enjoy these little guys terrorizing your desktop. Oh, and if you'd like a wallpaper in a different size, just shout out in the comments and I'll see what I can do!

Fire Imp

Magma Imp
Steam Imp


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