Monday, February 11, 2013

Blood Dancer - Indie Metal Monday

Blood Dancer

Work continues on getting Hot Springs Island fully written up, and Blood Dancer has been doing a great job of keeping my head banging in the air and not against my keyboard. I find Chris Barclay's vocals to be particularly enjoyable, but I've always been biased towards "high and angelic" over "gutteral and demonic".

The lyrics are fun, and the music maintains its intensity throughout the entire album. I'm beginning to realize that if I'm going to keep doing these posts I've got to brush up on music review vocab so that I can better define what it is I like so much about this music and move beyond the simplicity of "these guys are enjoyable and badass!" The far too brief instrumental track "Discourses of the Soul" (#6) is my favorite track, followed closely by track #3, "The Herald of War".

Give 'em a listen!


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