Monday, February 18, 2013

Butter Lettuce

Alright kidos (and maybe not so kido). It turns out that if you search for "Bravest Warriors Porn" on google images, the image in my post on how awesome the Bravest Warriors show is comes up as the ~4th picture.

Ever since I made that post the blog's been getting a low, but consistent, number of hits each day from people searching for Bravest Warriors Porn. For srs guys. I'm pretty sure you're ending up on this blog 'cause I've got "Playing D&D with Porn Stars" linked in the side bar, and that link, combined with mentions of Bravest Warriors is likely the combination responsible for triggering those search results.  Sorry to disappoint, but there's no Bravest Warriors Porn here.

Herakles and Omphale

But I get it. I mean... the Greeks and Romans loved painting dirty pictures on their walls, or carving them out of marble, and most of those dirty pictures involved their heroes (Herakles being a favorite). Hell, there's just something innately human about wanting to watch famous or popular people (even if imaginary) doin' it. Maybe it's 'cause they "bump pretties" whereas most of the world is busy "bumpin' uglies". Three thousand years ago and three years ago isn't all that different when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Kim and Ray

Now then, a critique the situation triggering this post:
  1. The appendages in Pendleton's cartoons are far too noodly for my taste
  2. And really? Those body shapes? Yeesh...
  3. "rule 34" typically returns better results than "porn" especially when dealing with obscura
  4. It's probably too early in the life cycle of this cartoon to find anything decent. If you want the filth, be a maker, not a passive consumer! The seedy underbelly of the internet needs your filthy doodles of noodly appendages that can end up some place other than here.
Now then... that said, to the filthy human beings looking for this Bravest Warriors Porn. Sorry it's not here, but maybe you can tide yourself over with the perviest parts of Butter Lettuce set to the Harlem Shake.


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