Monday, February 25, 2013

Charlie Parra del Riego - Indie Metal Monday

This music, right here, is the guilty pleasure on which all games should be built. Both the cover and the music clearly communicate the "fuck you I'm awesome" vibe that the world needs more of. So many companies and people are using the word "epic" these days, and I think that's terrible. Epics are long, sad, hard, and filled with death and struggle. There's a time and a place for epic in everyone's life, but what I think people are actually trying to express when they use the word epic these days is actually "glorious".

Charlie Parra del Riego, of Lima Peru, is glorious.

Not convinced by that album cover? Listen to track #7 "Trapped". Wagner captured Valkyries as they are when viewed through the forgotten mists of time. Charlie here captures Valkyries as they are when they drive down from the heavens in their white and gold convertible in full on, unapologetic "explosions, tits and space" mode (brought to you by Michael Bay).

"Trapped" is pure confection. The world needs to know about it, so they can use it in fan made machinima and cartoon/anime music videos until we all become diabetic from the sugar poisoning. The rest of the album is brilliant and you can really see the respect he pays to the music that came before him in "Punk vs Metal" and "Rocanroll Psycho".

Life is fleeting. We're all going to die. Make something, and make it fucking glorious!

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  1. Before the term Power Metal became the norm, I was calling it Epic Metal for the very same reasons you stated.