Monday, February 18, 2013

Temple - Indie Metal Monday

Are you currently suffering from lockjaw and need a fix? Try some jaw-droppingly awesome Temple. These two badasses from Phoenix are sure to set your brain ablaze with their compellingly awesome experimental, sludgy, doomy, deathy, instrumental metal.

Their album "On the Steps of the Temple" was released back in August 2012 with six tracks and 53 minutes of win. The first track "Mountain" and the last track "On the Steps of the Temple" are especially exceptional, but the entire album is solid.

To use an old fashioned rhetorical device, you may be asking yourself "But how can I use this music to augment or inspire my gaming?!" Have no fear friends, I've got you covered. Below you will find a short list of common gaming tropes and an indication of whether or not Temple will work for you.

Is your group:
  • Exploring a dwarven forterss? Fuck yeah.
  • Wandering through halls of undead? Absolutely.
  • Trying to defend a village of bumpkins from a goblin army? 1000 times yes.
  • Investigating a gold mine choked in black mold and zombies? You know it!
  • Playing patty cake in the magical wood with talking bunnies and big Disney style eyes? Maybe.
    • Do these creatures explode into blood ala Happy Tree Friends? Oh yeah!
Give 'em a listen. You won't be disappointed, and the first track "Mountain" may actually cause your face to melt off.


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