Monday, March 4, 2013

Throne on Mars - Indie Metal Monday

Red Pyramid by Throne on Mars has brought me back to where I need to be. A good buddy of mine got me distracted by the happy insanity that is Bit.Trip Runner 2 (amazing btw), but I've got content to rework of a more... metal nature.

Enter Throne on Mars. Progressive, instrumental post-metal from Spain. Red Pyramid is 20 minutes of silver cord snapping goodness you won't regret. And that album art. Just look at that beautiful fucking album art. There's a whole campaign for a broken world summed up in the thousand+ words that picture is worth. Add in the music and it's absolutely everything a person needs to come up with an epic story line that spans the black spaces between the stars.

The first track, Pathfinder, was just what I needed to come back down from the happy cloud insanity induced by last night's Bit.Trip Runner 2 binge, and then the second track "Loss of the Axis" was just what I needed to reexpand my thoughts on things like ruins and volcanoes.

So give 'em a listen. They'll blow you away. And, like these guys on Facebook. It's absolutely criminal, but they've only got ~300 likes. This music is brilliant. The low driving rhythms of Loss of the Axis are just so damn inspirational, especially when followed up with the powerful riffs. These guys do an excellent job of building tension and delivering release, which when you think about it, is what all good storytellers do.

Level up your Monday with a listen!


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