Monday, March 11, 2013

Twenty Paces - Indie Metal Monday

Twenty Paces is a group from Minneapolis that (based on their current myspace/facebook) pages seems to have only really been active back in 2008 when they released a four track album of progressive instrumental metal called "Cassini". In 2010 they released a single track called "Ghost (She Moans)" which immediately caught my ear while trawling through Bandcamp.

It's haunting, in a kind of sad, forgotten, and beautiful way, and listening to it gets me all worked up and pseudo-philosophical. I don't know that anything about the track is truly ground breaking, but it's just so... right. With a digital cover looking like an exceptionally low-rez moonscape, the mellow, spacy vibes of music itself, and the possibility that Twenty Paces no longer really exists as a creative group (based on my cursory google-fu), this track is almost like a forlorn piece of perfectly preserved space debris, floating through the eternal black abyss of the net. Waiting to be rediscovered.

This is some beautiful spacy shit right here. Give 'em a listen, and check out Cassini too.


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