Saturday, April 13, 2013

More Word Clouds

Awesome people on the internet created a script that makes parsing out text for word clouds even easier. I have been very excited today.

To celebrate I turned the parsers on Robert E. Howard's "Tower of the Elephant" and Lovecraft's "Colour Out of Space".

I really need to learn me some python.

Common english words have been removed from both the Howard and Lovecraft stories, as have the names of people and places (since repetition makes them quite heavy). As usual, I'm always kind of amazed to see just how quickly the "feel" of the work clumps up and rises to the top when subjected to this sort of treatment.

Robert E. Howard - Tower of the Elephant

H.P. Lovecraft - Colour Out of Space
Flavor and feel. All over the place. Look at how pulpy the words are in the Conan story. I love all the body parts in Howard's story, and I really love how the word "seemed" is so damn big in Lovecraft's.

So much potential with doing things like this.


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