Thursday, April 4, 2013

The First Public Playtest (A Brief Recap)

I'm calling our first public playtest of Hot Springs Island a pretty rockin' success. The new Dragon's Lair location here in Austin is amazing, and they had a great turnout for their first Austin Indie Creator night.

Two groups managed to explore parts of Hot Springs Island that evening. The first, sought the elusive kujibird, rumored to be extinct, but also rumored to have feathers of gold. The second sought a renegade mage, survived a shipwreck, and lost a beloved pet... falcotronix (may he never be forgotten).

You can check out some pictures below, and if you're in the Austin area and interested in playing in a game or two, sound off in the comments or hit up swordfishislands on the old gmail. For those of you on G+ that may be wondering what this is all about, we're still working on some digital solutions but we'd like to get things tested out via hangout as well.

The end is getting closer, and while the updates here on the blog may become even more sporadic, they won't be stopping completely.

Stay metal.

The table
The content creators
Group 1 - Hunting the kujibird
Group 2


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