Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Random Ship Name Generator

I've added a button! It's over there on the right, up above the "Adventurers" section of the blog (I'd love it if you'd push the join this site button too 'cause numbers going up on the internet gives my life fulfillment and meaning). Every time you push the button it will give you a random ship name based on the following tables:

Originally I was just going to make this a pirate ship name generator, as I'd based most of it's original contents off of a Shakespearean Insult Generator that's been floating around the world since before the dawn of the internet [speculation]. As I worked on it however, I began to realize that it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to generate the names of merchant ships and military vessels too. Many of these names could probably be used for seedy tavern names and adventuring groups as well, so please feel free to remix and reuse as you like.

Now then, how does all this work, and what's actually going on with the generator (or, what if I want to print a copy of this and use dice to work out names)?

Step 1: Choose if you want to roll up a PIRATE, MERCHANT, or MILITARY vessel

Step 2: Roll 1d20, and take that prefix

Step 2a: If you get something like "Blood -ed -y" you then have a 50/50 chance of having "Blooded" or "Bloody" as your prefix. Some of the Suffixes actually have four choices, so bust out that 1d4 and determine if you've ended up with the "Stag", "Stags", "Doe" or "Does".

Step 3: Determine which suffix column to roll on based on the vessel type you choose, using the sub-table. If you chose to roll up a PIRATE you have a 0% of rolling on the Positive Suffix table, a 40% chance of rolling on the Neutral Suffix table, and a 60% chance of rolling on the Negative Suffix table.

Step 4: Roll 1d20 on the suffix table you ended up with

Step 5: Enjoy your awesome name

I love complex tables like they lead to a metric shit-ton of possibilities, the down side of course is that, although doable, it can become pretty tedious rolling up multiple ships. Thus! With the aid of my best friend and coding wizard, I have added a widget right here on the front page of the blog where you can roll up a name whenever you like.

Don't like a roll? Just keep pushing that button!

Once I get a real website up and running, I think I'm going to set this up with its own page and make it so that when you roll, you can immediately tell the "type" of ship you rolled up (pirate, merchant, military) based on the font it displays the text in. Just need tiiiiiiiiiime.

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  1. Just what I needed today to tell which ship in the port got on fire during the night. Congratulations of splitting the ship name generator into pirate, merchant and military vessels!