Monday, June 17, 2013


I've been listening to a lot of retro-future-new-newwave music recently, and it's giving me crazy ideas. Just as metal can inspire gloriously epic fantasy, synth-heavy-fever-dream music inspires a very spacy 80s fantasy, where magic is real, but so too is the ancient science of forgotten empires that walked the stars with abominations.

I'm gonna see if I can rustle up some #gygaxiandemocracy and get the G+ grodnards to join together, blend up some crystal swords and laser beams and help fill in the shattered land of Synthexia.

To help get things going I've made a playlist of inspirational music, so you can hear the vibe I'm stuck on.

Additionally, the plan is to point people to Scrap Princess' Petite Boating Accident for the ultimate inspirational visual reference.

So if you read the blog but don't visit G+ much, hop on over and bring some ideas!



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