Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sad Ivory

Mikael Jansson photographing Emma Stone for Interview Magazine

Sad Ivory the Sorceress Queen, watches Synthexia crumble from her spire in the Crystal Metropolis (Hex 0902) with the same detached sadness she has felt ever since the great Urghis Khan was ripped to shreds by by a thousand colors out of space.

What does she want?
  • Wants the sun of Synthexia to love her as it seems their union was prophesised to save Synthexia.
  • Wants to protect the people of the Crystal Metropolis as long as she can.
  • Wants to find a new home for not just her people, but all of the good and useful creatures of Synthexia as she can.
  • Wants to halt the influence of the Priests of Set.
  • Wants to halt the war between the War Witches and the Orthodox War Witches, as she believes they hold the key to defeating the Priests of Set once and for all, if only they could get over the damned Edict of Transsubstantiation.
  • Wants to recover as many artifacts of art and learning from the ruins of Synthexia as she can, and safeguard them in the Library of Lady Entropia, a brutalist ziggurat near the hub of the Crystal Metropolis.
  • Wants to find the missing AI from the crashed Star Ark so that more arks can be built if need be.
  • Wants to aid the psychic centaurs in their fight agains the Priests of Set with as much equipment as she can spare.
  • Wants pieces of the Crystalian Mosaic (Hex 0711) for study.
  • Desperatly wants the aid of Lord Nichrome, but she doesn't realize he's still alive.
  • Wants to find the body of Urghis Khan because she fears what will happen if the Night Pharaoh or Priests of Set find it first.
  • Wants the aid of the Cobalt Knights.
What does she NOT want?
  • Does not want anyone to know she is aiding the psychic centaurs.
  • Never wants to see the body of Urghis Khan.
  • Does not want the secrets of the Infinite Worm of MRAMRA-KUL to find their way to the Priests of Set or the Night Pharaoh.
  • Does not want the Cobalt Knights to be successful in breeding Void Hounds and Diammond Dogs as it may lead to the inadvertant creation of more void terrors.
  • Does not want to keep dreaming the same dream, and is beginning to not want to sleep.
  • Does not want any resources to be squandered.
  • Does not want her people to lose hope.
  • Does not ever want to appear before others looking disheveled or ill prepared.
  • Does not want to love the sun.
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  1. Cool.

    I'm disturbed to hear she's aiding the psychic centaurs. No good can come of it.