Monday, August 26, 2013

Alabaster Guardians

The vacation of writing has begun. So much to do, but so much fun stuff to dig into. I'm excited.

Problem currently being explored:

A tower made of lapis lazuli that used to be an observatory was turned into a pleasure resort and has fallen into ruin. Inside the resort is a ballroom. Inside the ballroom is a wall of mirrors that show a perfect, idealized, version of whatever looks into it.

Before the cataclysm happened, the inside of the ballroom was kind of like this (but elves):

When the cataclysm occurred, a number of exceptionally wealthy elves fled to the tower with their servants and their drugs to wait out the storm and (maybe) to wait for help. They destroyed the stairs leading up to the tower and debauched themselves.

Help never came. They ran out of drugs, and eventually melted away.

Now, they lurk throughout the tower, hungry for their drug, but unable to find or consume it. They spend most of their time in the old ballroom near the mirrors where they see themselves as a perfect version of what they once were. So they're fragile and insane. Especially the ones that want to return to their old "solid" form so badly that they try to inhabit the broken stone automatons.

These "oozing statues", what do they want? What do they not want?

to destroy beautiful non-elven humanoids
to collect beautiful objects
to be friends with elves and commiserate with their elven friend on how much more beautiful they are than all other species
to get laid (hits on other elves from the perspective of "you're welcome")

Doesn't Want:
to see what it actually looks like
to be rejected
to feel slighted or irrelevant
to not get the joke (will frequently laugh if it thinks a joke was made)
to be "triggered" by seeing signs of lost beauty (scars, missing limbs, disease, etc)
to see elves using sipopa

Hopefully these "Alabaster Guardians" will prove more game-able than a "guardian boss monster".

Note: Add parasols and shoulder pads to treasure tables. Roller skates too much?


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