Friday, August 23, 2013

Scrap Princess is full of Gold

+Scrap Princess is full of awesome. Since I've been slacking on the blog, I'm going to steal some of the brilliance Scrap laid out in a G+ thread both to share and to remember:

+Jez Gordon started things off:
"Aight I got one. I was brainstorming with Scrap over a megadungeon I'm working on and one comment stuck in my craw: "Don't mean sound harsh, but the trick is knowing how to make the PCs care about this.... Like what does it matter to them?" What motivations are there for megadungeoning that matter to the PCs? Is gold, glory, and exploring the unknown enough, or does it need to be something personal?"

Then Scrap came through with pure gold:
"+Jez Gordon you misunderstand me, I don't mean what is the point of the megadungeon, I mean what is the point of busting your ass making a particular unique megadungeon if the uniqueness comes to down to a paragraph of text that the players skim over before playing.

Like say you are making a giant meat dungeon in the body of titanic semi dead creature and you make all these maps and work out which parts of it are still alive and which are dead and what is eating what.

This might all just wind up being exactly the same as an old ruined temple or cave complex, expect you go "oh the door is an anus not a door" every time the players say "I open the door" , but they still keep saying "I open the door" because its pretty much a fucking door.

But if half defeated monsters run away and start eating the walls to heal themselves and that opens up new areas or giant maggots clear out areas of poisonous rotten flesh, or severing a capillary in one area leads to another areas hazard being deactivated, then it seems far less likely that anyone will forget that they are in a meat dungeon."

Love it. Absolutely fantastic stuff to keep in mind and will be at the forefront of my thoughts next week. I've managed to snag a week of vacation starting this Sunday to be completely devoted to writing, and finishing the Dark of Hot Springs Island. woo!


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