Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Paw'Lard Eean - Night Axe Ogre

It started as a joke, but I think it's turned out rather well. I think it also serves as a good example of the way we're providing detail for our potentially major and semi-major NPCs around Hot Springs Island (and one day all of the Swordfish Islands). A few paragraphs of backstory and bullet points of motivation that ultimately won't matter anyway when the party charges in and kills them. #ZOMGCRITBUILD.

Spelling's been changed but I was lazy

Paw'lard Eean
One of the few "heavy-lifters" left, Paw'lard was in charge of hauling crystal shipments through the portal in the Ashfire Mines [HS-07] back when the Night Axe were Svarku's slaves. His strength and stamina was well beyond any other ogre slave allowing him to haul crystals three times his own size. For this ability he was personally rewarded by the efreet with extra rations and semi-private sleeping quarters with thicker sleeping mats.

The incident at the Black Spot changed everything. As the screams of his fellows faded he realized the hollowness of all the praise and special treatment he had received. While he had been rewarded the other's lives had never improved, and now so many of them were dead. Paw'lard was crushed with regret, self doubt and despair. He was beaten mercilessly for the next two days as his melancholy kept him bedridden, but when the revolt began his strength returned in full and he slaughtered countless salamanders using nothing but his fists. They say that in the end, Paw'lard had to be physically pulled away from the fighting by Glavrok and Srok.

After Mog'ok appeared to the Night Axe at White Rock Spring [HS-03], Paw'lard was the first to head to the beach of newly beached whales. He used his immense strength to carry one back to the clearing that would become Glavrok Village, butchered it before them all and began cooking the giant, fatty hunks of meat. Over time he has found great joy in cooking for his people and he has set up an elaborate (by ogre standards) outdoor kitchen he calls The Rendering Spot [HS-04] where he processes Mog'ok's whales into food, fuel and other useful items for the tribe.

What does Paw'lard want?
·         To taste and eat great foods
·         To keep the Night Axe well fed
·         Better access to herbs and spices
·         To learn new recipes and constantly improve his cooking skills
·         To sell his line of whale based products (soap, gum, lantern oil, etc)
·         For the Night Axe to appreciate his whale soap

What does Paw'lard NOT want?
·         To be taken off cooking duty
·         For any harm to come to the ogre kids he teaches to cook and butcher whales
·         To fight

What else?
·         Paw'lard never wants to have to fight again, and when it seems combat will be necessary he pretends he has a bum leg. Glavrok knows Paw'lard is faking, but has let him get away with it so far because he worries once Paw'lard starts fighting he will not be able to stop. He will force Paw'lard to fight if the situation is dire enough however. Paw'lard tends to gloat privately that he is a master of deception because of how well he has Glavrok fooled.

·         Most all food Paw'lard cooks is deep fried in whale fat and it's delicious. He keeps his giant cauldrons bubbling 24 hours a day at the Rendering Spot and experiments with new ways to fry up things all the time. He also makes exceptional whale meat jerky that melts in your mouth.

·         It is possible that he maintains a secret truce/relationship with Fatty salamander. Their love of cooking overcoming the hatred their people expect them to have for one another.

·         Paw'lard's figured out how to created many useful products from whale carcasses and native flora and fauna, and he's always working on a new idea. Sometimes there are explosions.


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