Thursday, October 24, 2013


Srok disagrees with Glavrok's approach to dealing with the Fuegonauts, preferring open warfare and repeated, direct attacks filled with bloodshed. These opinions, combined with his fighting prowess have made him a favorite, even a hero, among the younger more ambitious ogres. Knowing not all of the Night Axe wanted to achieve vengeance in a methodical way, and knowing that Srok's growing following could lead to a schism in the tribe if left unchecked, Glavrok ordered Srok to found Boar's Head Encampment [HS-07] to serve as a forward base of attack in the war against the Fuegonauts. Glavrok was not pleased to do this because of the casualties it would undoubtedly cause, but he knew an internal revolt would likely kill them all.

Srok is no fool though and is still highly respected by Glavrok. Knowing the power of Svarku's forces, Srok embraces assistance from anyone even remotely trustworthy and is much more inclined to trade or open relations with adventurers. He knows the potential adventurers possess and is unafraid of their weapons and magic.

What does Srok want?
  • To win. At any cost.
  • To personally dismember Svarku
  • To crush Svarku's head in his hands
  • To bathe in Svarku's fiery blood
  • For Glavrok to be more open to outside help from these adventurers
  • To attract adventurers to Boar's Head Encampment
  • More weapons, magic and supplies
  • To open up trade lines wherever possible

What does Srok NOT want?
  • To lose
  • For Glavrok to drag his feet when planning offensives and miss opportunities
  • For the Fuegonauts to gain one more inch of territory
  • To wait any longer


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