Friday, November 29, 2013

Gameable Thundercats - Old Friends

Swordfish Islands is going going going. 86.1% complete (assuming my burndown chart is accurate, and I don't suddenly realize there's something else that needs to be added). Book 1 - The Field Guide to Hot Springs Island, tentatively 100% complete with 43k words. Book 2 - The Dark of Hot Springs Island, still not done, but sitting pretty, or pretty ugly, at 79k words.

Turkey is delicious. Family is awesome. And now for some more Thundercats.

I absolutely love the screencap I grabbed for this episode. There's something about seeing the backs of the main character, with what is clearly their destination in the distance, to really give a feeling of *journey*. May just be me, but this shot really captures the grand adventure/exploration vibe.

Episode 05 - Old Friends

01. A single mountain with near-vertical cliffs and a flattened top rises high above the rest of the mountain range. Its peak is high above the normal height of clouds.

02. Lizardmen miners dig for large, eggshaped pieces of stone coated in growths of fuschia crystals.

03. Two powerfully strong warriors from a foreign kingdom seek an object of great power. Their mission is secret. One despises the mission while duty to country drives the other.

04. Only two soldiers guard the entrance to the mine. Or well... that's what it looks like. Nineteen more are stationed a very short distance inside.

05. A gigantic six legged ratboar with red eyes and tusks larger than a man.

06. Voices in the desert speak to the ambitious while they sleep. "Come to me. The power you seek awaits you."

07. A pillar of swirling sand hides a pyramid beyond the wind eaten red rocks.

08. A voice from inside a tomb cries out in your mind "Open it. Open it and I will grant you the limitless power you desire. The power you deserve."

09. Two carved stone slabs meet to form a tomb door. There is no lock or handle, but it looks like you could push them open (like an elevator door). Ancient winds blow with the force of a gale as they are pried apart. There may or may not be visible souls in said wind.

10. A mummy wears a sweet red robe with a hood.

11. An encounter with a hated foe ends in a standard saturday morning cartoon fashion. Just before combat can begin, the foe summons/calls a weaker (but still powerful) monster to fight the group. The foe uses this distraction to run away. Your party may or may not use this opportunity to level up.

12. A creature attacks the terrain around the party instead of the party themselves. (typically most effective in a mine (caveins) or forest (treefalls))

Remember: just because an entrance is secret doesn't mean it can't look badass as it opens.


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