Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gameable Thundercats - Song of the Petalars

Episode 04 - Song of the Petalars

This is the episode that completely locked me in as a fan of the new Thundercats. Tiny people that sing. Plants. The bad guys are sending an entire army after the party and the army, flexing its technological might, is just clear cutting through the forest after them. When that's not enough General Slythe, while being massaged and sloppily eating fruit orders it to be set ablaze with this beautiful exchange:

General Slythe: "Burn this forest. Burn it to the ground, and the Thundercats with it."

Some Lizard: "But Kumai... and the others..." [Voicing concern for the scouts tracking the cats]

General Slythe: "Are expendible, as are you lieutenant. Now do as I command."

And then it cuts to four lizards wearing goggles and wielding flame throwers. Seriously. THIS is how you set up your badguys. Not. Fucking. Around.

On top of this, you get death (both bad guys and good) and existential angst because of relativistic perceptions of time. The show was absolutely doomed. Too dark. Too heavy. Too good. Time,  hopefully, will vindicate it. (Yeah yeah, the party gets saved from unbeatable odds at the end of this episode with a deus ex machina, but I'm forgiving it because it's the #1 it's Thundertank, #2 Panthro (thought dead) is driving it, #3 as he emerges from the tank he's one shots an attacker with a stylish flourish of his nunchucks while illuminated from behind by a planet. I mean, they literally did the deus and the ex machina.)

This show geeks me out.

Gameable Ideas from Song of the Petalars

01. Six legged frogs.

02. A forest of redwoods gives way to a dome of brambles taller than the trees.

03. In a hidden clearing, more than a hundred tiny people made of flowers standing in a circle, sing a haunting melody, as seeds within the circle sprout into their children.

04. A race of tiny plant people have been blown away from their home by a great windstorm. They are hopelessly lost.

05. A race of tiny people that are born, mature and die in a single day.

06. "This map will lead us to the cliff of winds. If we can find it we'll be able to ride the winds all the way home."

07. A child found in a briar patch grows several years older every time the party loses sight of it.

08. A chameleon stalks the party.

09. A weapon made of thorns.

10. Pollen bombs explode and shimmer in the last rays of the setting sun.

11. A burning forest blossoms with new life.

12. An invisible foe is revealed by thrown fruit.


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