Sunday, August 17, 2014

Goldmother's Vale - Unfinished Alpha

So... my Goldmother's Vale Hexcrawl isn't done, but it's at a point that's semi-coherent enough to call an "unfinished alpha". There are still big, gaping holes, but you can snag the PDF here:

I'd love any feedback you've got. =)


  1. I'm gonna print this one out as soon as I can to give it a proper read through; I'm especially intrigued by the notations and quite curious as to how much it helps running the setting.

  2. I have read it and I congratulate you. Very well done. Comes in handy for my to use adapt and use it for my own setting. It will be in the Copper Mountains ;0).
    I especially appreciate and love how you have outlined the important parties involved. Will complement my own templates with them.
    The whole set-up is well thought and well roundend with lots of interesting places, parties and background. A real model. Hope I will one day come up with your quality.