Saturday, February 7, 2015

Map numbering conventions

What do you think?

For my hex map I'm numbering hexes as [Island Abbreviation-##]. Numbering goes left to right, top to bottom. So a hex on Hot Springs Island would be [HS-01] or [HS-25] where as a hex on the Shimmering Jungle would be [SJ-02] and the Isle of Blooms would be [IB-05].

The purpose for doing it this way is because it makes more sense to me to do it this way for the purpose of referencing other locations in the text. This way if I'm talking about a Point of Interest on one island and need to reference it to a Point of Interest on another island I'd say the name of the point and its hex (e.g., _The Bone Tree [HS-02]_.

Now, each island has its own "submaps" for villages and dungeons. I'm treating the features of these locations similarly to Points of Interest too. Some of these submaps have floors.

Originally I was just numbering the points on a submap based on that specific map. So for example, Boar's Head Encampment [HS-01] has 7 locations, so I numbered them 1-7. But then I got to one of my maps with floors Svarku's Volcanic Layer [HS-06]. I'd originally numbered the locations on each floor starting with 1. So the Ground Floor has callouts  1-14 and the Third Floor has callouts 1-11.

So I started thinking that for the locations with multiple floors I should just number the whole thing beginning at 1.

And then I started thinking maybe I should just number ALL the points on submaps together so that each point has a unique number and 3 is always unique.

The purpose behind this thought once again is for the sake of ease of cross reference. So that way the nereid is trapped at 5, and wherever I reference that nereid I can link it back to 5.

But now... as I ramble through this, I wonder....

The Swordfish Islands is made up of Islands. Each has a unique name and abbreviation.

Each island is made up of numbered hexes.

Each hex has 3 unique points of interest.

Some of the hexes have submaps.

Some of the submaps have levels.

All of the submaps have unique points of interest too.

So what if I did, [Island-Hex#-POI#-Submap#]?

Then the PARADE GROUND in Svarku's Volcanic Lair would be [HS-06-2-01] and the RUSTED COLUMN in the Dire Boar den would be [HS-03-2-03].

I dunno, maybe this is stupidly overcomplicated and unnecessary, but it'd be a nice unique digital marker to sort of tie disparate information to a place. When you're looking at the map, and reading about the points on the map it makes sense to say "The names of all the dead ogres are carved on the wall here". And then elsewhere in the book, when you're reading about the ogre Glavrok and how he wants to be sure to have a record of all the names of the ogres killed on the island so he makes trips to collect rubbing of them (or send others) at [HS-10-2-02].

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  1. Interconnections are rarely noted in such depth but if the notation system is intuitive I suppose it would be of great help; have you decided for or against, by the way?