Monday, February 13, 2012

A Letter of Introduction

Greetings Adventurer,

Allow me to be the first to welcome you to Victory's Gold Adventurers Guild, led by the renowned Captain Jeremy Rand of the Swordfish Islands. You've impressed the hell out of our local recruiter, and their tales of your recent exploits made you sound like just the sort of [treasure loving dare-devil] we've been looking for. I cannot wait to finally meet you in person!

You can catch a ride to Swordfish Bay from your local port on any of our merchant ships each new, full and quarter moon (or every seven days). Our ships are easily identified by their red sails, emblazoned with a black swordfish. Passage and access to our fleet will be granted by simply showing this letter to the man-at-arms.

Your recruiter should have gone over most of the finer points of our establishment with you already but please be certain to bring your own lodgings. Victory's Gold owns the entirety of the Swordfish Islands, and no permanent structures are permitted without the express consent of Captain Rand himself once an individual has advanced sufficiently in our ranks. Food and water are abundant on the islands, but due to their tropical nature rain is frequent, and a dry place to stow your gear costs a premium if you do not provide it for yourself.

In addition to this letter you should have received a small, wrapped package containing the following: 
  • One map of The Swordfish Islands 
  • One map of Swordfish Bay 
  • Two tokens to The Virgin Berth - Each token is good for a meal, whisky and a screw of your choice 
  • One token good for a barrel of Captain Jeremy Rand's Tropical Lager 
  • One copy of "Zilbee's Guide to the Swordfish Islands" 
  • One ancient Elven chime

Victory's Gold Standard Benefit's Package
  • A onetime signing bonus of 150 gold pieces 
  • 15 gold pieces per week (coin or credit at The Virgin Berth) 
  • One barrel of Captain Jeremy Rand's Tropical Lager each week (barrel or token) 
  • Exclusive access to Victory's Gold sages, healers, alchemists and other specialists 
  • In the unfortunate event of death, should sufficient bodily material remain, the Guild will return it to the port of call of your choice, cover up to 100 gold pieces in funerary expenditures, and make a onetime payment of 150 gold pieces to a friend or family member of your designation

Victory's Gold Requirements
  • You must relinquish 30% of any treasure found in The Swordfish Islands (gold, gems or magic) to the Guild
  • You must offer the Guild the first opportunity to purchase any interesting items of art or magic found in The Swordfish Islands

See You Soon,