Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Metal... is Eternal

Dear Europe,

Thank you for continuing to produce such amazing music. Like the voices of angels, it's kept me going.



Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Art

Ettercap by Safari
Hag by Safari
Warning: Tits below the break

Sunday, July 22, 2012

420 Done - 54 To Go

As my father says, we're "within spittin' distance". This may be a bit cryptic to those of you not directly involved in the project, but I enjoy wordclouds and needed to share this.

158, two mile hexes.
Three points of interest per hex.
420 Points of Interest done, and wordclouded for analysis (i.e., are we being boring and redundant with something, or does it seem pretty flavorful?)
54 to go.

So much more to come!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lady Hedonia [NSFW]

Phenomenally exciting news: Artist officially on board!

Our first content/pitch milestone is coming up next week, so we won't be posting any of our regularly scheduled content this week. Every free moment for the next several days is going to be nothing but SFI.

In the meantime, please enjoy the following concept for our very own Lady Hedonia. This lovely ruler of the 736 layer of the Abyss enjoys long slithers on the beach, smoking from her hooka of a thousand flavors, and endlessly battling her neighbors for absolute dominance.

See her headshot below the break. Warning... there are tits.

So much more to follow in the coming weeks!

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Sword and the Serpent [Part 1]

The Diviner came up with a Holy Order and the Ancient Cult it fights against. This week we're posting the Holy Order of the Sword, and next week we'll put up the Cult of the Serpent. Stay tuned kids!

Click to download a free pdf
Group Name: The Holy Order of the Sword

A.K.A.: The Protectorate, The Order

Group Mark: Two swords in gold, crossed, and facing downwards on a field of emerald green

Group Colors/Livery: Gold and silver adorn the adherents of this once proud order. Any who recognize the colors know the power these men and women possess, but now see the order as something from their childhood.

Goals: Protect an ancient sarcophagus buried beneath their citadel

Leader's Goals: Hansel works daily to ensure the high priestess Myrtana is kept confined and will never be brought back to life. He oversees the training of his small group of men and women at their temple, simply known as the Citadel.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Adventure Time - Dungeon

Attribution: Frederator Studios
Attribution: Frederator Studios
Attribution: Frederator Studios

Saturday, July 14, 2012


·          http://donjon.bin.sh/d20/dungeon/
·          Ground Floor Random Seed: 1341651744
·          First Floor Random Seed: 1341651734
·          For full details, please see last page

·          One square is 5'x5'
·          Ground floor ceiling height 14'
·          First floor ceiling height 10'
·          The walls and floor are of smooth stone
·          Members keep the area exceptionally clean
·          An outhouse is located outside
·          The ground floor is built into a hill, and the first floor rises out of the hill with no egress.

Originally built as a forward outpost by some Druegar, the chapel now known as Consecration has had a long past of housing evil inhabitants. The last evil denizen, a lich named Guris was slain by a band of adventurers several years ago. The cleric of the group, Brother Bourvon, spent three months clearing, cleaning and consecrating the dungeon in the name of his god.

When it was finished he attempted to gift it to the local magistrate and church, but they refused, insisting he keep and maintain it as a bastion of the light. After a year, Bourvon had attracted a small following of 12-15 followers. Despite their good natures, most of these followers lacked formal education or training, so Bourvon rearranged Consecration to focus more on education than faith.

Bourvon's most trusted assistants are Sister Vera Pristain, and Sir Kesher Jaylor. Vera was one of this first people to come to the church. She learned the ways of a cleric, traveled the lands for five years, and then returned to the church to teach new initiates. Kesher was once a notorious local bandit leader who was converted by Bourvon. Kesher is now a fierce defender of the order. He trains initiates in martial pursuits. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Death and the Binder

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Telecanter Thursdays

Every week we dream up three magic items using Telecanter's Epic Table of Spell Like Effects.

Gordon's Lazy Mining Bag - 013

Distance - Utility, Utility - 50 - 1 day - Animate - Metal
Attribution: Graysonline
This plain looking leather backpack appears to be well worn, but extremely sturdy and well constructed. On the inside of the bag, the word "SAMMOBOSH" is written in large, golden letters.

Speaking the word will have one of two effects depending on whether the backpack is empty or full.

If Gordon's Lazy Mining Bag is empty and the word SAMMOBOSH is spoken, all raw metal ore within a 50' radius will begin to animate, ripping its way out of the ground/rock, and fly into the bag. Only enough ore to fill the bag will come up out of the ground. Anyone, or anything, in the radius will likely be severely damaged (excepting the bag itself). If there is insufficient ore within the radius to fill the bag, it will still work, but only partially fill the bag. Note: this animation only works on raw metal ore, not finished metal goods

If Gordon's Lazy Mining Bag contains ore, the user can throw the ore out, speak the command word, and the thrown ore will form into: A bridge, stairs, or a wall. If the bag is completely full, the object created can have a volume of approximately 50 cubic feet. This object can be created within 50' of the bag, as willed by the user.

Each effect can only be used once per day.

The Bridle of the Crystal Steed [Artifact] - 014

Wielder - Defense - 10 - Permanent - Evoke - Mineral
Attribution: talos00 - Equus Libris
A holy order of paladins keeps The Bit of the Crystal Steed locked away in the inner sanctum of their citadel. They only allow it to be used on bonded, paladin mounts.

When the bit is placed on the horse and latched together it taps into a demi-plane of gems. Over the course of an evening of wearing the bit, the mount becomes made of living crystal. The crystal is transparent with small whorls of clouds, and it glows with the power of the creatures soul. In the case of the Paladin's divine bonded mounts the transformed creature glows in a luminous manner.

After becoming crystal, the mount's defense is increased dramatically (as if they are wearing full war plate) but their movement speed remains the same. The mount also no longer need to eat or sleep.

The way these mounts catch and refract light (both their internal light and external light) causes the creature to have a dazzling aura of about 10' which can also amplify any "inspirational" effects caused by the soul of the creature.

The artifact is neutral in its nature, and numerous groups of evil aligned humanoids have sought to make the bridle their own, 'cause let's face it, who wouldn't want to use this on a nightmare?

The Golden Face - 015

Touch - Transport - 20 - 1 turn - Animate - Fire
Attribution: buddhafiguren.de
This large golden face is shaped like a grinning Oni wearing an intricate headdress is firmly attached to the wall of a dungeon. The eyes of the face are large, cut, rubies, and the headdress is studded with emeralds.

Some of the stones in the headdress are missing, and scratches that appear to have been made by a dagger or pry-bar are visible. Touching the object causes any flames IN THE ROOM to instantly expand and fill a 20' area with normal flame. After a full turn of being engulfed by the normal fire, anything that was touched by it is transported to the Plane of Fire.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The School of the Four Winds

Click to download a free pdf
Group Name: The School of the Four Winds

A.K.A.: The Way of Siriana, The Way, The Winds

Group Mark: "The Sun Above the Mountain" and "The Mark of the World"

Group Colors: Each of the four schools wear a specific shade of blue, ranging from dark to almost white, that they accent in orange with their personal style (gems, embroidery, trim, etc).

Goals: Train young sorcerers to embrace the strength that can only be found through helping others.

Leader's Goals: Siriana Mistweaver works tirelessly to find and train young sorcerers to learn to use their innate power, and eventually help those in need.

Individual Goals: The Master of the Desert School, Farandi, believes that sorcerers should rule, spreading right through might instead of using their gift to selflessly helping the needy (and unappreciative). He does not actively seek followers, but his stance is firm and his voice is loud, and he has attracted a small following of passionate, hot headed sorcerers. Some students whisper that the Desert School must eventually leave the teachings of Siriana behind.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mt. Erebus

Attribution: Nial Peters

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Diamondskin's Arena

The lizardman Vascar Diamondskin runs an arena out of a large cavern in the contested borderlands between two countries. The cavern is set within an old crumbling limestone hill and the floor is covered in smooth soft sand. A number of large, natural skylights, keep the cavern well lit, but the crumbling ceiling can occasionally drop rocks and dirt 50' onto unsuspecting arena patrons. Despite the occasional crumbles, the ceiling is in no danger of fully collapsing, and anything that does fall is quickly cleaned up by Vascar's crew.

Fight nights draw large crowds that range from passing adventurers, mercenary bands, gangs of outlaws, off duty soldiers looking for fun, and the occasional wanted man looking to make quick coin before trying to disappear. Since most of the spectators are relatively local, the arena clears out pretty rapidly once the fight is done, and nights with no fights can be quite peaceful in this large cavern. There is a small sleeping area for travelers and, since any thievery is punished by immediate death, it tends to be a pretty safe place to stay, no matter who you are. Food and drink are provided by vendors, but the vendors and the prices change with the winds. The patrons are ever changing as well, there are regulars of course but the majority.

·          http://donjon.bin.sh/d20/dungeon/
·          Random Seed: 1340961763
·          Layout: Cavernous
·          Size: Fine
·          Egress: Yes

·          One square is 5'x5'
·          Ceilings 50

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Temple Under The Sea

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Telecanter Thursdays

Every week we dream up three magic items using Telecanter's Epic Table of Spell Like Effects.

You can see past weeks here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3

Maximilian's Top - 010

Wielder - Utility - 70 - Instant - Dispel/Disappear - Air
Attribution: Garage Wood Shop
This top appears to be made of ebony with stripes of gold inlay. Pushing down the handle of the top will cause it to spin rapidly in place for approximately 30 seconds.

When Maximilian's Top stops spinning, all air within a 70' radius is instantly sucked into the top. This effect can be used once per day.

Some scholars doubt that the top is actually made of something as plain as ebony and gold because no matter how horrific the implosion caused by the immediate evacuation of air from the room, the top always appears to be in pristine condition.

Pria's Crystal Earrings - 011

Touch - Defense - 10 - 1 hour - Animate - Water
Attribution: Kolstrom Kreations
During the Fire Kingdom's third, and most terrible, invasion of Rilio (Land of the Sparkling Pools) in the year 734 B.A., a mysterious stranger came before the Arch-Duchess Pria bearing a small gift of crystal earrings.

No one in the court had seen this man before, and none have seen him since, but he is attributed with turning the tide of war, and saving their lands from destruction. Pria was initially shocked that this man would waste her time with trinkets, when the fate of Rilio hung so precariously, but the beauty of the flashing blue crystals on platinum hooks could not be denied, and once the man showed her their power she knew that her people would forever be in his debt.

If the earrings are thrown into water (of any volume), they cause the water to animate and form two swan shaped water guardians. These guardians will defend the owner of the earrings for one full hour, soaking up incoming damage and actively fighting any fires within 10 feet. This power can be used up to four times per day.

The Fire Kingdom's hordes were pushed back, and Pria secured victory for her people at last. Joy turned to wonder though when on the first night of a full moon following the Fire Kingdom's defeat, Arch-Duchess Pria disappeared. The earrings, along with a complete plan of succession, and a single white swan feather, was found in her bed chamber the next morning. The Arch-Duchess was never seen again, but some of the scullery maids claim they saw two swans fly across the moon that night.

The Creator's Gloves - 012

Area Effect - Utility - 70 - 1 turns - Divine - Earth
Attribution: Samuel Lee
No one knows where The Creator's Gauntlets came from originally, but it is said that anyone wearing them will suddenly feel as old as the stars.

Should the wearer of these gauntlets punch the ground, golden light will stream through the terrain for 70' feet. The wearer of the gauntlets will then be able to use his mind to shape the earth into any form he desires.

The user should be careful though as any use of these gauntlets, regardless of the intent or results, will attract the attention of 1d4+2 gods or demi-gods.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Golden Circle

Download a pdf of this writeup here.
Group Name: The Golden Circle

A.K.A.: The Circle, The Golds

Group Mark: A single circle painted using pure gold

Group Colors/Livery: Members of The Golden Circle adorn themselves in the brightest colors possible in whatever style they personally favor as long as their Badge and Chain (see Organization) is displayed at all times.

Goals: The primary goal of the Circle is to bring modern conveniences to every part of the world. They feel it is their duty to outfit the civilized members of society for an "affordable" price.

Classic Monsters

Bit late with Sunday's post, but Austin's first annual Fire Fest + Drinking + Hangover + Work isn't very conducive to blogging.

Lucifer - Franz von Stuck