Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stonejaw - A Writing Sample

Matthias Mayford, historian, adventurer, and ex-navigator for Jeremy Rand has devoted the past year and a half to recording every detail of the people, places, flora and fauna of The Swordfish Islands he could. With the help of his assistant Zilbee we have procured a page of his notes on Stonejaw that we will share with you below the break!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

King Creeper - Timelapse

w00t! Video #2 from last Wednesday. In this, Safari finishes up one of his sketches of a King Creeper. King Creepers are small greenish humanoids (standing 2'-3' tall) with only two purposes in life: defend their life giving King Climber plant, and collect as many teeth as possible.

Some Creepers will wear the remains of a carnivorous pitcher plant (commonly called the Pygmy Crown Flower by adventurers) as a hat, and while it is not clear if these hats denote any sort of rank amongst the tribes, Creepers will fight each other to the death over them.

King Creepers will often fashion weapons from the bones of slain creatures, and can almost always be found with bags and pouches containing teeth. The Creepers absolute obsession with teeth has led some adventures to calling them "Teeth Fiends" or "Teefers".

Subject: King Creeper
Song: L'Orange - Lost Souls (feat. Hassaan Mackey, yU & Kelsey Lu)
Fonts: Warlock by Hydro74, and Westside by Tré Bomb Nation

Friday, August 10, 2012

First Timelapse Attempt - The Blue Lizardmen

Here's Safari freehanding up a concept for the Blue Lizardmen.

Quick Brain-vomit on "The Blues"

The Blue Lizardmen live on the island known as "The Southern Lighthouse". They enjoy gardening, meditation, academic style education and discussion, and they believe the path to transcendence is found through spirituality. The blues believe strongly in living harmoniously with nature. Their society is matriarchal with Druids and Shaman holding most positions of respect and power. Fighting forces are comprised of Rangers of the lightly armored jungle runner variety. The Blues tend to favor obsidian tipped spears, and they use slings with devastating accuracy.

I like to describe the Blues as having an "open, temple society". Much of their society centers around an important central temple (ziggurat) in their capitol city. They insist upon the open sharing of knowledge, and most of their structures are megalithic pavilions with no walls. For cultural style, think Athens, with its poets, art, and street corner discussions and performances. For artistic style think Pre-Columbian. For the physical structure of their civilization, think megalithic black basalt pavilions and temples in a misty, broken, jungle covered land like Shang-ri-la/Xanadu/Shamballa.

"'cause it's all just a little bit of history repeating...."

Eve Hazelton - Lighting Techniques

Sticking this video here so I don't lose it in my piles of bookmarks. Pretty amazing what you can do with just six lights!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Stonejaw and Excuses

Stonejaw here doesn't like excuses, and for the 5-10 of you that check out this blog from time to time, I'm sure you don't like them either!

So here's an update: Due to the place where Wintergreen and I work full-time, we needed to submit the Swordfish Islands to a special group to get approval to work on it in our spare time. The world of content is exciting like that. We were expecting it to take ~2 weeks to get a yes or a no from the Brass, but we got approved to develop the project after waiting for only two days. We were quite excited.

The good news - SFI is going to fill our lives almost every minute we're not at work.

The bad news - The girlfriends tend to not like sharing free time with monsters, jungles, and chains of islands (only if they're imaginary mind you, each of them would be ready at a moments notice to head to any tropical destination on this planet, monsters be damned).

What that means - Regularly scheduled blog posts are going to be a thing of the past. Our ~5 week run of churning out fun stuff each week was great practice for what we're working on right now, but now, instead of making a random free floating guild, we need to focus on Jeremy Rand's guild and the Martel Company. Instead of creating a single random dungeon each week, we've got to work out how to best rattle off at least a hundred small dens/dugouts.

We're going to continue posting art as Safari creates it, but blog specific writing will probably remain sketchy for the next few months.

TL:DR - Things are awesome, but because they're awesome, blog content will probably be infrequent, but hopefully worth the wait. :D