Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Reddit AMA - 11-09-18

Things have been kinda nuts on this front. The Dark of Hot Springs Island won the gold Ennie for best adventure at Gen Con 2018. It won the prestigious Ramanan Sivaranjan Awards for Excellence in Gaming 2018. And it just won game of the month for November 2018 on Reddit's RPG subreddit.

We're working on getting a reprint going (almost sold out of physical copies of the first run of books!). We're working on the next book The Spire Islands. There are two spire islands: North Spire Island (home of the green scaled lizardment the Goa) and South Spire Island (home of the blue scaled lizardmen the Kiru). Together these two islands have 26 hexes, making them slightly larger than Hot Springs Island (25 hexes).

Because we won game of the month on the RPG subreddit, we've been invited to do an "Ask me Anything". Stop by on Friday 11/09/18 from 11:00am - 12:30pm and ask us any questions you'd like about Hot Springs Island or the Swordfish Islands, or whatever else you like.