Friday, January 20, 2012

Rough Timeline

This timeline should cover most all of the stuff we talked about during our meeting on Wednesday, as well as a variety of new bullshit that came to me as I typed it all up. Feel free to edit/change/add to this as you like.

15,000 years ago
  • Elves first come to Swordfish Island
  • The Temple of Wyst and Dryad Grove were already there
  • The Great City is founded
  • Work begins on the Spire of the Sun

14,000 years ago
  • Spire of the Sun has been shining for 750 years
  • Work begins on the Northern and Southern Lighthouse
  • War breaks out with indigenous inhabitants and concludes 5 years later.  Elves victorious
  • The Military City and Laketown are founded

13,000 years ago
  • The southern volcano erupts, destroying Laketown
  • Laketown is rebuilt and work begins on a giant magical colossus imbued with the power to protect the city from the volcano, should it erupt again

12,000 years ago
  • The elven oracle "Alastaria" inhales fumes that emanate from vents on the slopes of the northern volcano.
    • Foretells a great cataclysm
    • Discovers a magical wonder nectar "Sipopa"
    • Believes the powers it imbues upon use are the only thing that can save them
    • Sipopa nectar cult founded
  • Hot Springs resort town is built at the base of the northern volcano
  • More war with the indigenous inhabitants

11,000 years ago
  • Clerics of Wyst attempt to destroy all nectar plants and producers of Sipopa
  • Temple sacked and defiled by tweaking elves
  • Elven civilization descends into a decadent spiral of self destruction

 5,000 years ago
  • Cataclysm
  • The Swordfish Island becomes the Swordfish Islands
  • Elven population decimated
  • Survivors take refuge on the two islands that contain the remnants of the great city
  • Laketown colossus survives, but town destroyed
  • Northern and Southern Lighthouses survive and continue to shine
  • Temple of Wyst and Dryad Grove sink beneath the waves in some sort of protective bubble
  • Survivors become even more reliant upon Sipopa
  • Attack any "non-monsterous" humanoids on sight

3,500 years ago
  • Blue and Green lizard men arrive
  • Settle on island with the Northern Lighthouse
  • Worship and protect the lighthouses for unknown reasons
  • Have a civil war with each other
  • Greens keep Northern light house
  • Blues keep Southern light house
  • A clan of ogres settle the northern volcanic island

1,500 years ago
  • An Efreeti Prince discovers a portal between the Plane of Fire and the bowels of the northern volcano
  • Efreet decides to stay and set up shop due to the abundance of some sort of mineral that's rare back home in the City of Brass
  • Brings Flame Giants, Salamanders, and obsidian elementals in to extract the goods
  • Attempts to enslave ogres (unsuccessful)
  • Elves that still remain on the Swordfish Isles are almost feral from their constant consumption of Sipopa

50 years ago
  • Tyr, having an army of elven men, and no women, comes to the Swordfish Isles in search of females
  • Kills all the male elves on the islands, runs off with all the women

25 years ago
  • Some crazy fucking illusionist hermit sets up shop on one of the small islands
  • Discovers the recipe for Sipopa
  • Plans to get rich by shipping it all to Kenwood/Riven/Crossroads
  • Drinks too much to be as successful at his endeavor as he wants
  • He is also being harassed by creatures from the deep.  Likely due to his proximity to the Temple of Wyst

5 years ago
  • Pirates set up a safe haven for themselves on the island with the southern volcano

2 years ago
  • Pirate captain Jeremy Rand discovers the Serpent Stair in the dead volcano on the southern island
  • Discovers phat l3wts including Fazool's decanter of endless water... and beer
  • Decides to retire and become a respectable gentleman
  • Begins laying the framework to set up a small town on this island

1 year ago
  • Town of [SOMETHING] is beginning to take shape
  • Contains so far:
    • Docks
    • Tiny warehouse (larger one planned)
    • A Tavern (The Virgin Berth)
    • A "brewery"
    • A smattering of small beach front cottages for Jeremy's ex-crew
    • A new "Adventurers Guild"

6 months ago
  • The players heard about the new adventurer's guild and the phat l3wts coming from the Swordfish Islands and decided to join up and check it out.

Maps of the Swordfish Islands (v1.0)



Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Epilogue: Meeting

Okay, we had a pretty good meeting today. We should come up with a regular meeting to touch basis with the campaign and any interweaving plot elements. Please let me know what you think.