Saturday, January 24, 2015

Oh... Hello!

What's been going on with the Swordfish Islands? No updates since October? WTF? Vaporware?

October: Try to find a new place to live in Austin that meets a certain set of parameters. Run around with realtors. Do that horrible dance 'cause all these people keep moving here. Spin up more vaporware ideas and drop them into the void. Meet with a local printer that seems really great. Make a lot of cookies.

November: Move.

December: Be on team "left leg" and help my wife push out our first baby. Finally, a project that finishes itself.

January: Realize that I've never heard back from the local printer. Even after I said "Yes, let me pay you a stupidly large amount of money for five 'proof' books." Say "fuck it", and go to Lulu where I can print proof books for ~$5 a pop instead of ~$45 a pop. Quietly wonder why the hell I ever thought it would have been ok to even consider paying that much. Get prints. /muchexcite

The Field Guide to Hot Springs Island is done. Well... it's ready to go to Kickstarter so hopefully I can pay for professional editing and a super beautiful physical print job. The Dark of Hot Spring Island is still in the works. My edits and layout work progress, but I'm really feeling excited about things.

Here's to more posts!