Saturday, May 30, 2020

A Kickstarter


Swordfish Islands is far from dead, but blogging has definitely taken a back seat. Like all bloggers who have fallen off, I've got a plan to return, but we'll see if I can swing it for real!

Though we haven't been blogging, we've been releasing content as regularly as we can (both ours and others) over on the Swordfish Islands Shop. Our most recent release is Dirk Leichty's amazing Super Blood Harvest.

It's a trio of adventures with their own rules lite system. Everything was written and illustrated by Dirk, and it's amazing. In the first adventure, vampires from the dark side of the moon have scooped you up from Earth in their Bloodship. In the second adventure, the Bloodship has crashed on the Moon and you can ransack the vampire's various temples and locations. In the third adventure, you take the fight to Mars and go up against the last remains of the Vampire Imperium as one of the last free humans on Mars.

Sowordfish Islands helped Dirk get 1000 copies printed in a super fancy and deluxe way (cloth that looks like a star field, iridescent holographic foil stamping, the works).

Currently, I'm running a Kickstarter for a project I call The Worldbuilder's Notebook. It's a premium quality notebook (cloth cover, great paper, lay flat sewn binding) that's been decked out with a variety of organizational tools to make it easier to build your fantasy worlds and campaigns. The main problem it tries to solve is the difficulty of finding things you've written in your notebook after you've written them down.

You can see full details here on the Kickstarter Page.

I was also interviewed by Ben over at the Plot Points Podcast and we talked about it more in depth (along with all manner of other fun things). Definitely give it a listen.

Saving the best for last, one of the things I'm most excited about is that we've teamed up with Frazetta Girls and will be including one piece of Frank Frazetta artwork in every book, and if we hit a stretch goal, we'll do a version of the Notebook with his amazing Sea Witch piece.

Things are going well with the Kickstarter, but tell your friends!